Plotvar : The easiest graph maker online !

1. Choose a graph type

2. Fill in the form

3. Share the link

And even more !

See the sample gallery for a quick preview of what you can do.
You can also read the help section to learn how to understand how to use the online graph builder.

Basic usage

Plotvar is intended to provide the easiest way to create and share/export online graphs.
To do so, only very few fields from the creation form are required.
In fact, only the Y values are usually required.
But you need to fill all the fields if you want to really customize your graph.

Help is provided on the online chart build page as soon you choose a chart type.

To start, simply choose one graph type then here we go !

For webmasters

Plotvar is url based so you have not to visit this website to generate the graph.
You can do it directly from your website with a minimalistic form then post the form to one of these web page :

line.php or bar.php or pie.php or live.php

Some params should be text (title, yaxis) some other should be text separated by comma (xvalues).
Then the yvalues field should contains integers separated by comma.
Use the website and inspect url to learn how it works.

Anyway, a embedded widget code will probably be developped soon to help you integrate online graphing to your website.