Plotvar : The easiest way for online graph making !

About this website

Why I decided to create this new website?
Because I needed to print some sensors values from a iaq air sensor connected to a phidget sbc 1072 platform. The solution I used was to do a python daemon (using pyusb) and write a file on a place shared by the apache embedded on the debian distribution on the phidget.

Then I used highcharts api (the lib used for charts creation) to print the data in a live charts.
How to get the values on the server as the javascript is running on the client side?

The solution was to to an asynchrone request ($.get with jquery)...
When I finished this project, I understood that it could be used by anyone (simply need to have a file serving the data somewhere).

So I created this website because generating graphs should be easy and fast.
I often use charts in my presentations, and I often need to describe traffic or behavior.

Using online charts was simply the best way to share informations.
The export feature also permits to use generated graph as basic picture...